Everything You Need to Know About Finding a Removalist in Blacktown

Moving is a stressful and exhausting experience that requires a lot of planning. Even when you are completely prepared, there are certain parts of the process that you will struggle to do without professional help, this is why you might find yourself in need of a removalist in Blacktown. If you don’t know much about this service, keep reading!


What services do they offer?

People often make the mistake of thinking that these companies only offer one set service, however this could not be further from the truth. In reality, these companies are generally able to offer a range of services. From giving advice about your move, to a full package that includes packing, unpacking, moving and storage, removalists in Blacktown are able to help you with almost anything surrounding your move. Here is a list of things that these businesses are able to help you with:

  • Packing and unpacking
  • Providing materials if you want to pack yourself
  • Cleaning
  • Insurance
  • Pet moving services
  • Storage


How do I choose the right company?

Choosing a removalist in Blacktown can be a challenge and it important to make sure you opt for the right company. Trust is an important factor when it comes to finding a company that offers this service as they will be moving all of your furniture and belongings. A great way of finding a company is by asking friends and family for recommendations. Don’t be afraid to do your own research and look online at reviews either. Another great way of gauging if a company is a good choice is by calling up and speaking to them; by asking lots of questions you should be able to get a good idea about if they are experienced and reliable. Many removalists in Blacktown also offer insurance, so before committing to anything, ask about this service and what the rates are. It is also suggested that you get a written quote that includes everything you need before agreeing to the service. This way you are protecting yourself from any hidden costs.

How do I prepare?

Depending on the service you choose, the movers will do most of the hard work for you. However, there are several things that you can do to prepare for the move and help the professionals do the best job. Moving is always a stressful experience, but the more organised you are, the quicker the entire process will be. The first way in which you can help your removalists in Blacktown is by ensuring there is sufficient space for them to park. The closer the truck or van can get to your house, the easier it will be for your belongings to be put on it. If you are not opting for a packing and unpacking service, try to have all of your items in labelled boxes; remember to not over fill them or it will make it much harder for the professionals to carry. It is also important to remember to defrost your fridge and ensure that all appliances are properly turned off and cleaned before they are transported. Communication is key when it comes to this service, and it will help the professionals if you tell them which items are particularly heavy or fragile.


How much does it cost?

The cost of this service will vary depending on how much you are transporting, how far and what jobs you require the professionals to undertake. It is, therefore, important to understand what will be included in the price you are quoted. It is for this reason that you need to make sure you are asking the right questions. Some good questions to ask are as follows:

  • Are the services charged by the hour or for the whole job?
  • Does the quote increase after a certain number of hours?
  • Will my items be covered by insurance?
  • Can the removalists will be on the job?