Five Reasons To Buy Fake Grass In Sydney


Maintaining a real, authentic lawn can be incredibly difficult and time-consuming. In modern society, some of us just simply don’t have the time to be working on our lawns so they are always in pristine condition. A perfectly manicured green lawn reflects persistence, love and hard work. Put simply, if we don’t have the time available to manicure authentic turf, then our lawns will soon die, particularly given Australia’s rugged and humid climate. Because of the sheer amount of work involved in maintaining authentic turf, purchasing fake grass in Sydney could be a great way of minimizing the stress involved with garden care. They are also becoming a really popular choice for public sporting ovals! So, let’s check out the many benefits of purchasing a synthetic lawn, particularly given Australia’s climate.


Cheaper water bills

If you want your real turf to remain lush, healthy and vibrant, it’s going to need a lot of water. It’s easier now with sprinklers; however, the sprinklers still need to be moved every so often to ensure that all parts of the lawn receive a good drink. In the past, Australia has had some pretty intense water restrictions, so it’s clear that water is not a cheap resource in today’s society. While the initial cost of purchasing fake grass in Sydney is much higher than a conventional lawn, this cost is more than offset by water saving practices in the long term. Your fake lawn will more than pay for itself.



Another advantage of buying fake grass in Sydney is that it will still look real. A lot of people think you can actually pick up on the difference. However, synthetic lawns have come a long way and it has become incredibly hard to discern a fake lawn from a real patch of turf. So, if you fancy yourself as a bit of an entertainer, consider buying fake grass in Sydney for your backyard. Even if you expect the lawn to endure a lot of foot traffic, on a synthetic lawn, it won’t matter one bit!


Pet and kid friendly

fake grass

Fake turf is also really great for families with pets or young children. This is because the synthetic alternative is softer on the skin, which is perfect for the little ones running around. Any trips or falls will be cushioned by the fake lawn. In fact, when you have your lawn installed, soft pads are generally fitted underneath the turf as a cushioning mechanism. This way you don’t have to agonize over the safety of the kids. Likewise, when you buy fake grass in Sydney, you’ll find it’s easier to clean up any mess left behind by pets, as their waste won’t sink into the lawn ridiculously quickly.


Minimal maintenance

Furthermore, there is nowhere near as much maintenance required for a synthetic lawn. Indeed, should you choose to buy fake grass in Sydney, you’ll find that the fake turf requires only minimal attention. Instead of spending your lazy Sunday afternoons watering the lawn, you can now sit back with the family and watch a movie! Taking care of your lawn has never been this easy! This is perfect for places crippled by drought, where water may need to be saved for other reasons.


Completely safe

A lot of people seem to think that fake lawns are unsafe. On the contrary, you’ll discover that buying fake grass in Sydney is an expensive endeavor because of the safety requirements. There are no nasty chemicals hidden in the turf, so you can rest assured that your family is safe. In fact, fake lawns are made from materials like nylon, which is found in heaps of household items like various clothing fabrics and eating containers.