Reasons Why People Buy Wine Online In China

China might not be renowned for their love of wine like Australia is, but in a nation of 1.3 billion people, surely they have more than a few casual drinkers?

The reality is that in today’s climate, Asia’s central region is an economic powerhouse who is investing in all manner of products and services. The red and white varieties of this alcoholic beverage so happens to be one import in 2018 that is on the rise and there is no sign of slowing down.

Here we will examine the key reasons why people buy wine online in China. This niche product is expanding in popularity as a younger generation of Chinese citizens opt to consume it as their drink of choice.

Cultural Importance
To understand why more numbers of people happen to buy wine online in China, you must understand the cultural importance attached with one of these drinks in particular.

The Cabernet Sauvignon or Cab Sav for short is a red beloved by the Chinese. It ranks as the top item on the list for this region with a staggering 75% of wine consumed being that of the red variety compared to white.

The growth of the Merlot is seen to be an important contributing factor to this rise, but it actually ventures deeper than that.

The colour red is itself comes to represent three key facets of humanity that makes it more than just a superior taste for the average drinker. In the country, red symbolises power, luck and wealth, all attributes that ensure shoppers gravitate to red.

The Price
More than half of those who buy wine online in China point to the price as the determining factor for their purchases. Whereas imported beers and spirits are being fostered overseas to see shipping costs included, this variety is far more competitive on price to ensure that the numbers are solid for those that buy wine online in China.

The nation’s trend in this respect happens to mimic that of the US. A study into that market discovered that Millennials are spending an average of $4,163 annually on their wine consumption, lower than that of Baby Boomers ($4,900) and Gen X drinkers ($5,717).

So long as the competition and demand is high, the price should usually be competitive.

Internet Breaking Down Barriers
We would not see the figures of those who buy wine online in China without the expansion and widespread availability of the internet. This is an inescapable fact.

The major cities of Shanghai and Nanjing are interesting case studies. In these regions, a healthy percentage of shoppers respectively make cross-border digital purchases – a fact that makes wine an e-commerce juggernaut.

A string of new websites have emerged that have been credited for bringing Chinese consumers into the 21st Century, overriding many of the struggles that derive from a restricted internet presence. Purchases can be made instantaneously and with little effort, all at the click of a button.

Geography To Australian Market
Australia stands head and shoulder as one of the major exporters of this beverage. This sees the numbers of those who buy wine online in China source their goods from down under, falling in line with other services that the two nations happen to partner with on a commercial basis.

There might be strong differences culturally speaking between the two cultures, yet their love for this drink is clearly something that unites the pair of them.

Millennial Popularity
For those brought up prior to the 2000s, the idea that an individual would buy wine online in China was a completely foreign concept. Due to the drink’s capacity to be suitable for social situations and complimentary with a meal, the millennial generation have gravitated to wine as their drink of choice.