What To Look For In A Family Lawyers In Sydney


When relationships begin to breakdown you will find that your life can get a lot more stressful and chaotic than ever before. With so many factors on the table it can be hard to get a clear head to make an informed decision and choose the top family lawyers in Sydney.

Starting your search for your solicitor can be a hard task considering how many family lawyers are there in Sydney. If you have the right strategy and know what you should be looking for beforehand it doesn’t have to be that difficult of a task. Below we will lend you a helping hand talk about some of the things you should be looking for in a family lawyers in Sydney.




Looking at the experience of the establishment and the lawyers is very important. Do they have a successful track record where they have helped many different clients with the similar cases to your own? You should also be looking to see if they have both settlement and trial experience if your case does end up going to trial.

Be sure to pay close attention to the solicitors that they have working there as well. Some establishments will have different areas of focus. You want to be sure that those who are taking on your case are very well versed in the area of family law.


Capability to serve

A factor that you should definitely be looking for is if the establishment has the ability to serve their clients. While they may be the best on the block with very well educated lawyers, if they don’t have the resources in place to serve their clients that will be of no use to you. Be sure to ask how many staff members they have on hand and how they make sure they stay on top of all of the cases that they are representing.

The last thing you want is to hire a family lawyers in Sydney where they are simply too busy with all the cases that have to represent yours to the best of their ability.


Size doesn’t always matter

A common misconception that many people have with everything is that bigger and more expensive means that it is better. While this holds true in certain situations it doesn’t always apply to a family law firm in Sydney. Larger firms may have so many employees and cases that they lack the personal aspect to their service that smaller establishments can give.

When your solicitor begins to not pay attention to you and your case it can become very frustrating considering you have so much on the line. When you are doing your decision making process be sure to ask many different establishments how many people will be working on your case and if they will have the time to speak with you at any moment.


Pricing structure

Money always plays a big part with legal proceedings so it is vital that you understand the family law firm in Sydney’s pricing structure before you sign any contracts. This will ensure that you aren’t hit with any hidden fees and you know what you will be paying for.

This is a very important factor to consider if you will be talking with your solicitor frequently. Do they expect you to pay obscene amounts of money when you speak with them on the phone for 2 minutes? Asking questions is a very useful and effective method to ensure that you get all the answers you need before you go into business with a family lawyer in Sydney.